Olympus VG-110 Manual: A Manual of Image Stabilization in Compact Package Camera

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Olympus VG-110 Manual: A Manual of Image Stabilization in Compact Package Camera

The Introduction to Olympus VG-110 Manual

Olympus VG-110 Manual: A Manual of Image Stabilization in Compact Package Camera

For over years, a manual has been one important part for an electronic product such as digital camera. With this manual, manufacturers will be able to teach customer about the basic understanding of their product. From this manual too, there will be many essential information about the product obtained.

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So, for you who are looking for some details such as specification, instruction, setting, features, and many more, the manual will be the most relevant reference for it. And this is exactly why we aim to bring the Olympus VG-110 Manual here. With this manual, we hope that we can help user in understanding this camera product deeper than before

The Overall Look of Olympus VG-110 Camera

Talking about one consideration in buying a digital camera, we will find look as one of the list. From the look, people can see the quality of a product since sometimes look reflects what’s in the inside of a camera.

And more importantly, the look choice is really representing personality of the owner. This is why look really matters. So, before jumping in to the Olympus VG-110 Manual, here we are going to talk about the look of this camera first.

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Olympus VG-110 Manual: A Manual of Image Stabilization in Compact Package Camera

From the outside, Olympus VG-110 is assembled well in slim and sleek design to accommodate beginner.

This also comes with intelligent mode which allows user to shoot best picture without thinking of aperture, ISO, or scene.

With 150 g in weight and 20mm thickness, this cool camera is perfect to bring around.

Olympus VG-110 is featured with 2.7 inches LCD as view finder and playback screen. But, there is still no touchscreen added and no optical view finder added in Olympus VG-110. All menus and settings are in buttons on the rear side of this camera.

Olympus VG-110 Camera Specification

Having a compact yet powerful camera is something great like having Olympus VG-110. Powerful features can be found on Olympus VG-110 to accommodate you taking great photos with small and easy-to-carry size.

Some advanced technologies are added too into Olympus VG-110 which is launched in February 2011. But actually, talking about technology added, you will find more detail information of it in the Olympus VG-110 Manual. And before getting down to there, here is the brief specification of Olympus VG-110.

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Olympus VG-110 Manual: A Manual of Image Stabilization in Compact Package Camera

The main missile of Olympus VG-110 is the 12 MP lens with aperture of f/2.9 for wide and f/6.5 for tele. The resolution used on this camera is considered not that high, and maybe it is not the point Olympus will blow up. However, with this resolution, taking picture with Olympus VG-110 is still acceptable.

Thanks to, as usual, the good quality of Olympus lens. The resolution in this cool camera is combined with face detection and DIS (Digital Image Stabilization). Together, they work well to produce clear and crisp image. Yes, those technologies are not something new in photography but they are very helpful to reduce blur in the image.

Further, the presence of DIS is also very useful in taking fast moving object like in sport with AF Tracking mode. Olympus VG-110 is also able to continuously focus on the object to get clear image of it.

For other needs, 5 different modes are also available included Magic Filter which allows you to explore your creativity in taking picture. With those all features on Olympus VG-100, the ability of taking movie is still limited, you will be able to shoot maximum in 640 x 480 @ 30/15 fps. Another review about this camera, visit: Olympus launches VG-110 budget compact camera and this page.

Olympus VG-110 Price and Conclusion

With all features on it, Olympus VG-110 is one of good recommendation for beginners who want a compact yet powerful camera. The features on Olympus VG-110 like face detection, AF Tracking and DSi are good consideration to buy. With lesser than $100, which is around 90 USD, Olympus VG-110 is good weapon for taking nice photos.

Olympus VG-110 Manual User Guide

It is already stated before that the aim of this article is to bring the Olympus VG-110 Manual on to the surface. With this manual, we hope that we can give you the valuable reference in understanding more about this product. But, one thing need to remember before downloading it, is that the Olympus VG-110 Manual in this page will be provided in the format of PDF. So, before downloading it, it will be better if you install PDF reader softwar4e in your personal device first.

Download VG 110 Manual

Finally, that’s all of the information about Olympus VG-110 Manual that we need to share. We hope it can be a reference for you in understanding this product deeper.

Moreover, if you have something more to say about it, the comment session below is ready to contain the thoughts of yours. And, if you think that this writing is informative, sharing it in your personal page will be much appreciated.


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