Olympus VG-120 Manual for Olympus Affordable Compact Camera

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The Introduction of Olympus VG-120 Manual

Olympus VG-120 Manual for Olympus Affordable Compact Camera

As a product complement, manual plays a big role in helping users understanding a certain digital camera product. This is so especially due to the rich information inside. With this manual, users will be able to figure out many kinds of information regarding to the camera product.

Some information such as specification, features, camera parts, instruction, and others will be provided here. So, for you who are still learning about camera, referring to the user manual of it will be the best idea to take. Further, due to this importance, here we aim to bring you manual of one digital camera products from Olympus. This is it, the Olympus VG-120 Manual.

The Overall Look of Olympus VG-120 Camera

Olympus VG-120 Manual for Olympus Affordable Compact Camera

Look plays a big role in attracting customer. By the look, customer can instantly attracted to the certain product. And, from the look to, we can picturize the quality and specification inside. That’s why many people put a big concern on look.

And apparently, Olympus seems to catch this common sense perfectly. It is reflected by the elegance of this camera. Like common point and shoot camera, Olympus VG-120 has compact body with slim dimension only 96 x 57 x 19 mm and 120g in weight. Inside of it, this camera offers many nice features which are valuable seeing the price of this camera.

You can find that this cool camera can record HD 720p movie with sound. Then you can review in wide 3 inches rear LCD. This LCD is also used as view finder since there is no optical view finder in Olympus VG-120.

Capturing picture will be more interesting with this camera by the presence of magic filter which allows you to play your creativity with your picture. Further, 7 different filters are also available on Olympus VG-120. In power sector, Olympus VG-120 is equipped with Li-ion rechargeable battery.

The Specification of Olympus VG-120 Camera

Olympus VG-120 Manual for Olympus Affordable Compact Camera

Surely, you will find the specification of it in Olympus VG-120 Manual. But, before getting down there directly, here is the brief explanation about it.

In the beginning of 2011, Olympus has introduced a new line of VG series focused on the great features in budget price. It is the Olympus VG-120.

VG-120 is offered for both beginner and expert camera users. As budget camera, Olympus VG-120 has huge features to win the market in its class. Comes with 14 MP sensor and ability of recording HD video, this cool camera offers value in an affordable price, which becomes the main attraction of it.

As usual, Olympus also gives good quality lens in VG-120 series. The 14 MP CCD sensor here features with 5x wide angle optical zoom lens. This camera offers the beauty on picturing your snaps too. Moreover, this lens is also featured with DIS (Digital Image Stabilizer), which is very useful to vanish the blur.

This DIS is also functional to produce vivid picture even when the camera is shaking. And for those who love taking photo of sport or moving activity will love Olympus VG-120. This is due to the presence of AF tracking. This is the feature which will help you to continuously lock focus on moving object. The other feature that should be considered is the face detection. This is very useful when taking group shot to make sure all faces are captured clearly.

Olympus VG-120 Camera Price and Impression

Olympus VG-120 Manual for Olympus Affordable Compact Camera

Olympus does a great job in VG-120 by successfully offering great features in a very affordable price. Digital Image Stabilizer, AF tracking and Face Detection are some nice features you can find on Olympus VG-120.

Here, the manufacturer also adds new 2 filters in the magic filter which are very interesting to bring your picture to the new level of creativity. Overall Olympus Vg-120 is a combination of good features and affordable price, which is around $150.

Olympus VG-120 Manual User Guide

It’s been stated since the first time that the aim of this article is to provide the Olympus VG-120 Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can help you understanding this camera product better y providing reliable sources. But, before you decided to download the Olympus VG-120 Manual below, please remember that we provide this manual in PDF file format. So, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader first.

Download VG 120 Manual

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