Olympus VG-180 Manual, Super Wide Lens in Affordable Price Camera User Guide

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Olympus VG-180 Manual, Super Wide Lens in Affordable Price Camera User Guide

The Introduction to Olympus VG-180 Manual

Olympus VG-180 Manual, Super Wide Lens in Affordable Price Camera User Guide

Well, a manual is something important in an electronic product usage. By this manual, user will be able to find out the basic information about the product itself.

This is why the in every electronic product, especially for digital camera, we will be able to find a manual book in it. And it is also the reason of why, we aim to provide the Olympus VG-180 Manual in this writing.

With this manual, hopefully we can help user by providing the reliable reference for user. So, understanding this Olympus VG-180 camera will be much easier than before.

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The Overall Look of Olympus VG-180 Camera

Look matters a lot, and many people judge a certain product by the outside look of it. This is exactly the reason of why many manufacturers put emphasize on the look of their products. And even though this is not always like this, but sometimes the look also representing the insider of a product itself.

The higher the product class, the classier the look will be. So, based on this reason, we will put look as one of our discussion topic. So, before jumping in to the Olympus VG-180 Manual, here we will talk about the look of this camera product first.

Take a look at this Olympus camera, you will see something interesting. Compact and slim, that is the suitable words to describe Olympus VG-180. Comes with 2 stunning colors, black and red, this camera bring the typical design of Olympus VG series. As usual, this series comes without optical view finder.

And the size of the LCD on Olympus VG-180 is increased to 3 inch from 2.7 inch. But, there’s still no touch screen ability. Interestingly, this screen can be used as view finder and also as a playback screen. With a simple layout of setting buttons, this camera will be easy to use since the control is very easy to understand.

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The Specification of Olympus VG-180 Camera

Olympus VG-180 Manual, Super Wide Lens in Affordable Price Camera User Guide

The more detail info about specification of this camera surely will be found in the Olympus VG-180 Manual. But, before we go further to there, let’s start with the briefer version of it for more understandable explanation.

As we know, Olympus has announced an easy to use camera. It is Olympus VG-180 with more improved features compared to the predecessor, Olympus VG-110. Under the hood, Olympus VG-180 comes with 16 MP with aperture from f/2.8 for wide mode up to f/6.5 for tele.

This lens is even better with 5x wide optical zoom which is considered very wide in its class. The super wide lens is very useful when you try to capture landscape, so that all objects can be taken. Further, to guarantee clear image, Olympus VG-180 is featured with Digital Image Stabilizer too. The presence of this feature will reduce shake to get blur-free picture.

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Moreover, Face Detection is also available to help user get focus object on people. Another feature that beginner will love is the Intelligent Auto. This is the features that will allow user to take best picture automatically without thinking of scenes.

This mode detects the object automatically and then gives the best aperture, ISO and even scene modes for the object. For you who love to play with picture, Magic Art Filters are available to give artistic touch into pictures. When Olympus VG-180 is promising for picture taking, unfortunately, it only has the availability to record VGA movie with sound.

Olympus VG-180 Camera Price and Conclusion

Olympus VG-180 Manual, Super Wide Lens in Affordable Price Camera User Guide

Olympus VG – 180 is priced $150 and become one of good choices in market. For taking picture Olympus VG-180 has big power thanks to the good quality lens and super wide optical zoom on it.

It has also very useful features like DSI and Face Detection to get sharp and clear picture in every moment.

To accommodate beginner Olympus VG-180 has also Intelligent Auto which drives your camera automatically for best result. As affordable camera, Olympus VG-180 can be a consideration for choosing a camera.

The Olympus VG-180 Manual User Guide

It is already stated in the first time that the aim of this article is to provide the Olympus VG-180 Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can help user to understand this Olympus VG-180 camera better than before. Further, with the rich information in it, you will be able to understand the basic information of this product easily. But, before downloading it, please remember that we provide the manual in PDF file version. So, it will be better if you install the PDF download software in your device first.

Download VG 180 Manual

Finally, that’s all of the information that we need to share regarding to the Olympus VG-180 Manual. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you as it is beneficial for the others.

Further, if you have any other ideas, or opinion, or thoughts about this Olympus camera, we welcome you to put them in the comment session below. And if you think that this article is beneficial, please share it in your personal page. Hopefully, the value here can spread wider in the entire network.


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