Panasonic Lumix G90: New Mirrorless Hybrid with 20 Megapixel Sensor

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Panasonic has just released their full frame camera, Lumix S1. However, it is not only the full frame camera that will compete in the camera market. Panasonic recently released their latest camera. They call it the Panasonic Lumix G90. However, in some areas it is also called Lumix G95. This series is a mirrorless hybrid camera. The release of the Lumix G90 confirms Panasonic’s commitment in the G-series Micro Four Thirds range.

Lumix G90 offers a series of interesting features. In addition, this series also offers a good combination of handlers. Lumix G90 body is made of magnesium which is sealed with weather. With the Micro Four Thirds system, there will be many lenses available. This camera also produces sharp images.

Lumix G90 Button

Lumix G90 offers a button layout that is slightly different from its predecessor. Panasonic designed this camera to be used with one hand. There are three WB / ISO / EV buttons next to the shutter release button. In addition, there are two control buttons on this camera. Both buttons can be customized. Panasonic also equipped it with a scroll wheel. However, the Lumix G90 is not equipped with a joystick. Because the Lumix G90 is intended for professional vlogger, a 3.5 mm headphone socket is available. The Panasonic Lumix G90 has a large OLED viewfinder with a resolution of 2.36 million dots, a field of view of 100% and a magnification of 0.74x.

Lumix G90 Button

Lumix G90 Button

20 Megapixel Sensor

The next feature that we will discuss is the Lumix G90 sensor. This camera has a 20 megapixel sensor. The sensor used is Micro Four Thirds. Equipped with the Venus Engine processor, it is expected to have good image quality. The highest Lumix G90 ISO speed is 25,600. While the lowest setting is ISO 200. ISO can be extended to 100 in automatic focusing. This series is not equipped with an optical low-pass filter. So, the image must capture high level details. Panasonic equips cameras with built-in shift sensor image stabilization. Lumix G90 can provide image stabilization up to 5 stops. This camera can also work in combination with a lens with optical image stabilization.

Video Recording Ability

Lumix G90: LCD
Lumix G90: LCD

From a few cameras, Panasonic prepares Lumix G90 for professional vloggers. So this camera also has good recording capabilities. This camera has 4K UHD video can be set to 30, 25, or 24fps, and is not limited. This means that there is no 29 minute video recording time limit. Additionally the AF speed can be adjusted when recording video. The newest feature of this camera is the default V-Log-L. There is usually an additional fee for this on Panasonic cameras. So, this camera can provide up to 12 stop dynamic ranges. The next feature is the availability of microphone and cellphone sockets. Charging the battery using MicroUSB. Additionally, it can use the supplied charger, and the same Battery Grip (DMW-BGG1).

Lumix G90 also has 4K photo capabilities. So that this camera can do automatic tagging. This camera can highlight what is best. Furthermore, this camera will detect reasonable and movement. Another feature of 4K photos is sequence composition. So it is possible to combine multiple images into one action shot. Focusing, plus post focus is available, allowing changing focus points after shooting.

Lumix G90 Quick Menu

The newest feature of the Lumix G90 is the Quick Menu. The menu, can be accessed by pressing the Q button. Menu, giving quick access to settings on the back screen. This camera also features an electronic viewfinder (EVF). So the 0.74x acquisition can be done by this camera. There is eye detection so the camera will automatically switch between the screen and EVF. There is also a correction of the dioptre on the side. The large and soft rubber lining provides a comfortable viewing experience when holding it before your eyes.

Lumix G90
Lumix G90

Lumix G90 has a 3-inch screen and 1040K resolution. Layers are very responsive to touch. The screen can also be used to adjust the focus point quickly. The double shaft electronic level can be displayed on the screen. While for the camera body, Panasonic gives a solid impression. Made from magnesium and plastic construction. Lumix G90 has a large button. In addition, the buttons have an ergonomic impression.

Two Connectivity Options

Lumix G90 has two connectivity options. Namely bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth creates a constant connection and low power. While Wi-Fi controls Lumix G90 remotely. Panasonic updated the design at this office. Swlimited provides faster access to WB, ISO, and exposure compensation with special buttons at the top. Lumix G90 weighs 533g with batteries and only SD cards. The battery life is said to be 290 shots. The lifetime can be extended to 1000 shots with power saved turned on. While the size of this camera is 130.4×93.5×77.4mm.

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The Lumix G90 is sold for £ 899. There are still many features offered. Like the memory card slot aside. In addition there are side sockets for mic, headphone, remote, HDMI, and MicroUSB. So, are you interested in making this camera to capture the moment?


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