Pentax Camera Manual User Guide

Pentax camera manual user guide

In order to provide ease and simplicity for Pentax camera owners, we have provided Pentax camera manual posted in this page. These are the official manual from Pentax, which are aimed to provide users the essential information related to the Pentax camera products. These manuals are free to download. So whenever you lost the original manual book, all you need to do is clicking the link below. After clicking it, you will be directed to the considered page that contains the manuals information.

Introduction to Pentax Camera Manual

As the growing era of photography, the number of manufacturers which manufacture photography equipment is also growing. They even grow faster to be more complied with the rising number of people who involve their self into the field of serious photography.

That’s why we can find many photography equipments that come from both major and minor brands. All of them have their own characteristic in specifications, look, and the end result. Therefore, as consumer, we do have a lot of choices in choosing what brand will be suited for us.

Talking about digital camera choices, now we are going to tell you about one digital camera product that we think worth to be considered. It is Pentax, a well known Japanese brand that produces high quality of digital camera.

But, if we talk about the term “Pentax”, we may be confused with several kinds of Pentax. It is because this brand is used by several companies. But, fortunately the each Pentax brand has different products.

When we talk about medical product and services, we talk about “Pentax” from one Japanese company, Hoya Corporation. Then, when we talk about surveying instrument equipment, we must be talking about “Pentax” brand from TI Asahi.

Further, we’re talking about Seiko Optical Products when we lead the conversation to “Pentax” for particular optical lenses. But, when we talk about the digital camera product, “Pentax” brand from Ricoh Imaging Company is what we are talking about.

Pentax Camera Manual

As stated before, Pentax is manufactured by the Japanese company called Hoya Corporation. This is the company was founded by Kumao Kajiwara in 1919 and was named as Asashi Kogaku Goshi Kaisha at first. Then, this name was changed into Asashi Optical Co., Ltd. in 1938.

Then, the name Pentax Corporation was introduced in 2002. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is focusing on producing cameras, CCTV optics, optical instruments, and some kinds of sport optics such as riffle scopes and binoculars.

Talking about production scale, this company has produce lenses, digital cameras, and other optical lenses in incredibly large scale. It was even titled as the world’s largest company that produces optical products. Along with other Japanese competes such as Canon, NIKON, Sony, Panasonic, and others, this brand contributes a lot to the world’s photography.

And seeing the first time it produced camera in 1952, until now there have been so many portfolios of products has been created. It proves that Pentax is one of the most considered digital camera brand in the world.

By then, we decided to provide Pentax camera manual for you the owner of this Brand’s camera products. These are manuals taken from the trusted sources which is reliable, valid, and will be suited to your Pentax camera.

From this Pentax camera manual, you can get so much information related to the Pentax camera products you are using. Therefore, if you have lost your original Pentax camera manual, just be free in downloading the manual below freely and legally.

Pentax Digital SLR Series

Learning from competes, Nikon and Canon that has moved from the conventional SLR to Digital SLR from a long time ago, Pentax just started its way to be involved in the game. It is proven by releasing the very first Pentax SLR family which is called Pentax *ist D in 2003, a quite odd name for a camera.

But in fact, this camera was highly accepted by public due to its lightness and small shape. That’s why it is continued into several successors of the products. Therefore, for you who like to use unique product with sophisticated level of technology, this one will definitely be perfect.

Even though the Pentax DSLR is considered as extremely small and light, but don’t get it wrong. Its small shape and lightness of course will not be comparable with the compact camera. But, when it is compared to the other DSLR in its class, this camera looks even smaller and slimmer. In fact, this small shape also affects on the more affordable price it has. That’s why the DSLR camera from Pentax becomes one of the most wanted digital camera products.

Moreover, with the high level of specification and features it has, Pentax DSLR camera will be able to produce high quality image with high level of definition and super vivid detail. And one noticeable features of it is built-in-image-stabilization. With this feature, Pentax DSLR camera will be able to reduce the effect of shaking when the camera capturing image.

In closing, to support the functionality of this camera, we have provided the Pentax camera manual, especially for the DSLR series, in below. Therefore, if you want to know about the operation of this device, spare parts, specification, and other related informations, the Pentax camera manuals below can be used as a valuable reference.

2 + Pentax 645 Series, Manual User Guide


19 + Pentax K series, Manual User Guide

K-S2K-5K100D Super
K-3 IIK-xK100D

5 + Pentax *ist D series, Manual User Guide

*ist DL2*ist DL*ist D
*ist DS2*ist DS 

Pentax Medium Format Camera

The good thing about Pentax is that it is not only play in its comfort zone, lenses an optical product manufacturing. But, it also involves itself in the digital camera industry. The result is amazing. Pentax has been succeeded in bringing current technologies to their camera product, their various camera products. Indeed, various.

For over years, Pentax has been manufacturing many camera products that come from various kind of it. And at this time, we’re talking about one classic camera from Pentax, the Medium Format Camera series.

What is medium format actually means? Medium format is actually can be classified as the classic kind of camera. In this class of camera, user is able to use roll film to save the photo data. It seems too conventional, right? But here, Pentax is really never makes their product conventional, there’s always something unique, something sophisticated in there.

That’s why we can see any screen panel on Pentax medium format camera. Therefore, with the present of this screen, we the photo can be organized in two formats, roll film format and also digital format.

Further, bringing two different imaging formats, the operation of this camera of course is not really simple. There will be several details that should be considered before operating this unique Pentax camera. That’s why we need Pentax camera manual, especially for this product.

And for you who are just interested with the Pentax camera manual for the medium format, we have provided the Pentax camera manual in below. This manual will be valuable for you as a reference in operating as well as understanding this medium format camera product.

2 + Medium Format, Manual User Guide


Pentax Digital Compact Camera

The popularity of compact camera has been rising significantly due to the ease and simplicity it has. With the smaller shape and lighter weight, this camera can be carried everywhere easily. That’s why some people think that this kind of camera is the best suit for ready-to-go kind of person.

But, talking about quality, most of the compact camera models are able to shoot wonderful picture with high level of imaging quality. Even so, the quality of this picture is still considered as lower than other kind of camera such as DSLR. It is tolerable enough since compact body generally is not really able to contain as much features as DSLR contains.

Above is the only reason that motivates camera manufacturers around the world, including Pentax, to manufacture camera product under this compact concept. For the case of Pentax, there are many compact camera products have been produced. 

In the compact series, there are at least 8 product series. They are Efina series, GR series, M1 series, X series, XG series, K series, WG series, and Optio. All of this series has the different specifications and specializations. Further, as a Pentax compact camera user, we should really understand about the Pentax products we own.

That’s why some kinds of information such as specification, operation, and other related information is a must. And to get these, you can access them in the user manual as posted in below links.

73 + Pentax Optio Series, Manual User Guide

Optio LS465Optio A30Optio S
Optio VS20Optio A20Optio T30
Optio RS1500Optio A10Optio T20
Optio RS1000Optio V20Optio T10
Optio NB1000Optio M60Optio WG-2
Optio RZ18Optio M50Optio WG-1
Optio RZ10Optio M40Optio W90
Optio I-10Optio M30Optio WS80
Optio H90Optio M20Optio W80
Optio Z10Optio M10Optio W60
Optio 750ZOptio S1Optio W30
Optio XOptio S10Optio W20
Optio MX4Optio S7Optio W10
Optio 43WROptio S60Optio E90
Optio 30Optio S6Optio E80
Optio 33LFOptio S5zOptio E70
Optio 555Optio S55Optio E60
Optio 550Optio SViOptio E50
Optio 33LOptio S5nOptio E40
Optio 330GSOptio S50Optio E30
Optio 430RS/330RSOptio SVOptio E20
Optio 230Optio S5iOptio P80
Optio 430Optio S40/S30Optio P70
Optio 330Optio S4i 
Optio A40Optio S4 

5 + Pentax WG Series, Manual User Guide


1 + Pentax K Series, Manual User Guide


1 + Pentax XG Series, Manual User Guide


3 + Pentax X Series, Manual User Guide


1 + Pentax M1 Series, Manual User Guide

Pentax MX-1  

2 + Pentax GR Series, Manual User Guide


1 + Pentax Efina Series, Manual User Guide

Pentax Efina  

Pentax Pentax Lens-interchangeable SL Digital-still Camera Series

The world of camera is moving forward massively with many new inventions. And one of the brilliant inventions in the digital camera world is mirrorless technology. A mirrorless technology or also known as interchangeable lens camera is a camera device with interchangeable lens.

Unlike other kinds of single-lens reflect camera such as DSLR, a mirrorless camera is not having viewfinder or optical mirror reflex. But on some cases, the interchangeable products also completed with electronic kind of viewfinder, especially on the compact interchangeable camera.

Without having a conventional viewfinder, the interchangeable lens camera commonly comes in a lighter and smaller body. This kind of body will also effect on the rather lower price it has. That’s exactly what we find in Pentax interchangeable camera.

More specially, Pentax has completed their interchangeable lens camera product with such a nice design and cut. Therefore, picturing image with Pentax camera will be so much interesting for the sake of fashion.

Lastly, the whole things will be even more interesting when some typical Pentax features also installed in their mirrorless products. Further, to celebrate the sophistication of this product, below we have embedded manuals of several Pentax mirrorless cameras.

These manuals will be so much useful especially for the new users or someone who want to know more about this amazing product. Therefore, f you are one of these people, going down to the manuals below will be the best way to take.

4 + Pentax Q Series, Manual User Guide


1 + Pentax K Series, Manual User Guide


Pentax Action Camera

Action is rough, action is tough, action is Pentax. By releasing the Action series, Pentax has committed to target the market of adventure people. And they did it. They did it flawlessly with their super products WG-M2 and WG-M1. Bringing Pentax typical features, these cameras have high level of performance.

Further, with the strong building, amazing image quality, crystal clear sound, and water, shock, dust, and freeze resistance capability, these series will definitely be the best companion for your adventure life.

While from the outside look, we can understand that this camera device is specialized for the outdoor activity. The styling is so goofy and strongly built with screen around the lens to protect it from the outside interruption such as water, shock, scratch, dust, and others.

Talking about features, user will be provided an easy sharing system with built in Wi-Fi. Other functional features such as face recognition, lens protector, supportive design, and many others will definitely provide user ease during adventure.

Further, to support user in operating and understanding this action camera product, we have provided the manual of Pentax action camera in below attachment. This manual can be used as guidance so that user will be able to get the information needed related to the Pentax action camera.

2 + Pentax WG Series, Manual User Guide


How to Download Pentax Camera Manuals

In order to bring ease to the visitor, we have arrange the easy navigation for this site. To download the Pentax Camera Manuals here is quite simple. You could visit the link per model name beside that regarding to download each Pentax Camera manual, you can use the search tool which is provided at the top right side of this page. And for your information, this website is still under development by CameraUserManual.Net Team.

Therefore, some user manuals might have not be provided yet. And instead of using search tools, you can also check whether your camera manual is already provided or not by going to the side bar of Pentax category to find the list of provided manuals. So, we hope this manual will be beneficial, and can help you in understanding your Pentax camera products.