Pentax K-r Manual for Pentax’s Solid DSLR with Shake Reduction Features

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The Introduction to Pentax K-r Manual

Pentax K-r Manual for Pentax's Solid DSLR with Shake Reduction Features

By the record, a manual is something that is really important as a complement for an electronic product, especially digital camera. From this manual, there will be a lot of information obtained. Something like specification, instruction, camera parts, settings, features, and other related information will be something possible to obtain.

This is why we aim to bring the Pentax K-r Manual here. With this manual, we hope that we can help users as well as enthusiasts to understand more about this Pentax camera product.

Pentax K-r Camera Whole Appearance

Before getting deeper to the Pentax K-r Manual and its specification, firstly, we will talk about the overall look of this camera first. As we all know, it is generally stated that upgrading the products from time to time is the digital camera manufacturer’s key success.

Pentax K-r Manual for Pentax's Solid DSLR with Shake Reduction Features

As a mid-size camera, Pentax K-r is specially built in easy handle body with light enclosure material. Based on Pentax K-r manual, the body size is about 125 x 97 x 68 mm with 625 gram overall weight including battery and card. Plastic is chosen as the main enclosure material.

This substance is pretty light, but you need to prevent it from getting dropped for many times. Comes in three variants; white, red, and black, feel free to select based on your needs.

The Specification of Pentax K-r

For professional photographers, Pentax has its own space in their heart. This manufacturer has survived in bringing high quality digital camera with reasonable price for long time ago. Now they try to expand digital camera market by releasing Pentax K-r. This is one of Pentax SLRs’ which bring high specification combines to stylish design. Get closer to this product as detailed below.

Pentax K-r Manual for Pentax's Solid DSLR with Shake Reduction Features

If you thing that Pentax K-r is just about fashion and fun, you are totally wrong. It is said so because this camera is equipped by so many sophisticated feature and software.

It starts by the 23.6 x 158 mm CMOS Optical Sensor with 12.9 million effective pixels. Based on the Pentax K-r manual, this technology is the main key to result the best image resolution at 4288 x 2848.

You are also allowed to record AVI video format at 1280 x 720 @24 fps. To capture perfect image, the K-r is added by shake reduction and dust removal features that work very well for this duty.

On the image sensor, the manufacturer put their trust on PRIME II technology. No need to spend much time since this chip will make your camera more responsive than before. This cool camera offers three types of lens mount to choose; Pentax KAF2, Pentax KAF3, and Pentax K lenses with restrictions.

You are going to be amazed on its focusing result. Thanks for its 11-point autofocus system and TTL phase matching. Now it is easier to set the image composition live from menu settings. You can control it all from its 3 inches TFT LCD Display. This panel brings 920.000 active dots inside with adjustable color and brightness.

The Quick Specification of Pentax K-r

Body build• Plastic on stainless steel chassis
Sensor• 23.6 x 15.8 mm CMOS sensor
• Primary color filter
• 12.4 million total pixels
• 12.9 million effective pixels
Shake Reduction• Sensor-shift system
Dust removal• Supersonic vibration
• SP coating
• Dust removal by shaking low pass filter
• Dust alert mode to help locate dust
Image processor• PRIME II
Image sizes (Still)• [12M] 4288 x 2848 pixels
• [10M] 3936 x 2624 pixels
• [6M] 3072 x 2048 pixels
• [2M] 1728 x 1152 pixels
Image formats (Still)• JPEG (Conforms to Exif 2.21), (Best, Better, Good)
• Compressed RAW ( PEF )
• Non-compressed RAW ( DNG )
Image sizes (Movie)• 1280 x 720 (720p) at 24 fps
• 640 x 416 (VGA) at 24 fps
Image format (Movie)• Motion JPEG (AVI)
Lens mount• Pentax KAF2 bayonet mount
• Pentax KAF3, KAF2, KAF or KA mount lenses
• Pentax K mount lenses with restrictions
FOV crop1.5x
Focusing• 11-point wide autofocus system, 9 cross-type (SAFOX IX)
• TTL Phase matching
• 11-point or 5-point Auto, Select or Center
Focus modes• AF-Auto
• AF-Single
• AF-Continuous
• Manual focus
AF point selection• Select
• Center
• Auto Area AF
AF assistBuilt-in flash
Metering• TTL open-aperture 16-segment metering
• Exposure range: EV 1-21.5(Standard Output Sensitivity 200 50mm F1.4)
Metering modes• Multi-segment metering
• Center-weighted metering
• Spot metering
AE lockCan be allocated to AF button by Menu
AE bracketing• ±0.3EV to ±3.0EV (1/3 EV steps)
• ±0.5EV to ±3.0EV (1/2 EV steps)
Exposure compen.±3 EV (1/2 EV or 1/3 EV steps)
Sensitivity• Auto (selectable range)
• Manual : 200-12800
• Bulb Mode: up to ISO 1600
• Expandable ISO 100 – 25600
• 1EV, 1/2EV or 1/3EV steps
ShutterElectronically controlled vertical-run focal plane shutter
• 30 to 1/6000 sec
• Flash X-Sync: 1/180 sec
• Bulb
Preview function• Live view with magnify option
• Depth-of-field Optical (lens stopped down)
• Digital (shot taken without saving, previewed on LCD)
White balance• Auto
• Daylight
• Shade
• Cloudy
• Tungsten Light
• Fluorescent Light (W, D, N, L (Light Bulb*))
• Flash
• Manual setting with WB fine adjustment
WB shift• Blue (-7) To Amber (+7)
• Magenta (-7) to Green (+7)
Movie mode• AVi (Motion JPEG)
• 1280 x 720, 25fps
• 640 x 480, 30/25fps
• Three quality levels
• Built-in mono mic
• Movie processing including Custom Image, Cross Process and selected Digital Filters
Color space• sRGB
• Adobe RGB
Custom image settings• BrightAdjustment for Saturation, Hue, High/Low Key Adjustment, Contrast, Sharpness.
• Natural 
• PortraitOptional switch to Fine Sharpness and separate Highlight and Shadow contrast adjustment.
• Landscape 
• Vibrant 
• Muted 
• MonochromeAdjustment for Filter type, Toning, Contrast and Sharpness
Viewfinder• Eye-level penta-mirror
• 96% frame coverage
• Magnification: 0.85x (with 50 mm F1.4 lens at infinity,-1m-1)
• Dioptre adjustment: -2.5 to +1.5 dioptre
• Natural Bright Matte II focusing screen
Flash• Built-in retractable P-TTL pop-up flash
• Guide number: approx. 16* (Standard Output Sensitivity 200/m)
• Angle of view coverage: 28mm wide-angle (35mm equivalent)
• Flash Exposure Compensation: -2 EV – +1EV (1/2EV steps)
• 1/180 sec flash-sync
External flash• Hot shoe, sync-speed: 1/180 sec.
• Wireless-sync with PENTAX dedicated flash
Shooting modes• Program AE
• Sensitivity-Priority AE
• Shutter-Priority AE
• Aperture-Priority AE
• Metered Manual
• AutoPicture mode
• Portrait mode
• Landscape
• Macro
• Moving object
• Night scene portrait
• Flash off
Picture modes• Bright
• Natural
• Portrait
• Landscape
• Vibrant
• Monochrome
• Reversal Film
• Bleach Bypass
Scene modes• Night Scene
• Surf & Snow
• Food
• Sunset
• Kids
• Pet
• Candlelight
• Museum
• Stage Lighting
• Night Snap
• Night scene HDR
Drive modes• Single-frame
• Continuous (Hi, Lo)
• Self-timer (12s, 2s)
• Remote control (0s, 3s)
• Interval up to 999 pictures
• Auto bracket (3 frames)
Continuous shooting• Hi speed: 6fps – 25 JPEG, 12 RAW
• Lo speed: 2 fps – until card is full or 36 RAW
LCD monitor• TFT color LCD monitor with anti-reflective coating
• Brightness and color adjustable
• Wide angle view
• 3.0 inch
• Approx. 920,000 dots
Live view• TTL by Image sensor
• Enlargement (2X, 4X, 6X in case of AF mode, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x in case of MF mode)
• Grid pattern, white/black out warning display, Histogram
• AF: Contrast detection + Face detection / Contrast detection /
Phase difference detection
Other features• Multiple exposure (2 to 9 images, with Auto EV adjust)
• Orientation sensor
• HDR capture
• In-camera RAW conversion
Playback features• One Image
• Index (4 or 9 or 16 or 36 thumbnails)
• Enlargement (up to 16X, scroll available)
• Image Rotation
• Folder view
• Slideshow
• Histogram
• Bright/Dark area
• Calendar
• Resize
• Trimming
• Index
Digital filters (Rec mode)• Toy Camera
• High Contrast
• Soft
• Star Burst
• Retro
• Extract Color
• Custom
• Fish Eye
Digital filters (Playback)• Monochrome
• Posterisation
• Color
• Soft
• Pastel
• Watercolor
• Sketch
• Brightness
• Toy Camera
• High Contrast
• Soft
• Slim
• Star Burst
• Retro
• Miniature
• Fish Eye
• Extract Colour
• Base Parameter Adjustment
• Custom
FirmwareUser upgradable
Battery gripNo
Connectivity• USB/Video
• USB 2.0 (HI-SPEED)
• Compatible with NTSC and PAL formats
Storage• Secure Digital (SD) / Secure Digital HC (SDHC)
Power• D-LI109 rechargeable Lithium Ion
• Four AA (lithium, alkaline, and rechargeable Ni-MH) batteries with optional D-BH109 adapter
• Optional AC adapter
Battery life (CIPA standard)• 470 shots with D-LI109
• 1000 shots with AA
Dimensions125mm x 97mm x 68mm (4.8 x 3.6 x 2.7 in)
Weight• No battery: 515 g (18.2 oz)
• With D-LI109 battery: 598g (20.5 oz)
• With AA batteries: approx 625g (22 oz)

The Price and Impression of Pentax K-r

Pentax K-r Manual for Pentax's Solid DSLR with Shake Reduction Features

As my consideration, Pentax K-r has everything that photographers want. It is clear that Pentax K-r deserved to be your photography partner, looking at those superiority.

Even it is available at higher price than its predecessor; 650 USD, the K-r is a good investment. Get it now and write your own review. Read another review about this camera in this page.

Pentax K-r Manual User Guide

We have said previously that the purpose of this article is to bring the Pentax K-r Manual onto the surface. With this manual, we hope that we can help both user and enthusiast to understand about this camera product more than before.

So, after all, they can be better in operating as well as treating this camera.  And one thing to be noted, that we will provide the Pentax K-r Manual in PDF file format. So, before downloading it, make sure that you have PDF reader software installed in it.

Download Pentax K-r User Manual

Lastly, that’s all of the information we need to share regarding to the Pentax K-r Manual. Hopefully, what we can share here will be able to update your technological knowledge, especially for Pentax K-r Manual.

But, if you think you have other ideas or opinion about this product, you are freely to put them in the comment session below. And, if you think that this Pentax K-r Manual in helpful, you can share this article in your personal page. So, the benefit of this writing can spread in the wider range of audience.