Pentax KP: Old Design with a DSLR New Performance Camera

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Pentax KP is a DSLR camera from Pentax released several years ago. As we know, besides Canon and Nikon, the Pentax’s company has a reliable DSLR camera and good performance. Pentax has also gained a kind of reputation for making a very compact camera with DSLR standards, with a distinctive design that is rich in features. One of them is a Pentax KP DSLR. Pentax KP has a retro design like old film cameras.

The concept of the KP camera design that I caught was making a DSLR camera that was relatively compact but the features were still complete. The camera from Pentax is sold at a price of $ 1099. The body of the camera is designed with magnesium metal tightness and a glass viewfinder. This DSLR is also relatively light compared to the others. This camera weighs 640 grams and is also supported by its thin size. Whereas, on average DSLR cameras weigh 750 grams.

Like other Pentax cameras, the Pentax KP also has reliable performance. So what are the advantages of this camera? Here’s the discussion for you.

Pentax KP Performance

Pentax KP has a 24 MP sensor. In addition, this DSLR has a maximum jaw sensitivity limit equivalent to ISO 819,200. ISO 6400 for noise level. With ISO 6400 it is still very useful. Because it has many fine and fast details, like film grains. Furthermore, the Pentax KP is equipped with a 5-axis “Shake Reduction II” image stabilization system. This DSLR has an innovative anti-aliasing simulator. This feature can be turned off or to Type1 or Type2 settings. So that it can adjust the effect level. Pentax KP provides a fast shutter speed of 1/6000 seconds. Whereas for electronic shutter has a shutter speed above 1/24000s.

Pentax KP: Black and silver Color
Pentax KP: Black and silver Color

Pentax KP autofocus performance is also very good. Autofocus still works well despite low light. Pentax KP is also equipped with Pixel Shift Resolution technology. Technology provides very high resolution images. In addition, the resulting color is also accurate. Smoother image detail and less noise. The latest PRIME IV imaging engine and RGB light sensor measuring 86,000 pixels are also the hallmarks of this camera.

Button Functions

Like other DSLRs the Pentax KP camera also has many buttons for their respective functions. The first button that we will discuss is the switch to choose between optical viewfinder, Live View Stills, and Live View Movies. So, the Live View mode is used to hold the KP as far as the arm or attach the camera to a tripod. Focusing is achieved by pressing the small AF / AE-L button. It’s on the back of the camera.

The next button is the RAW / Fx1 button. Its function is to quickly set image quality to RAW format. This button can also be customized to optionally control Exposure Bracketing, Digital Preview, Electronic Level, or Composition Adjustment. Below it is the Auto Focus Mode button, with three available modes (AF-S, AF-A, and AF-C). Above is a small button to open the pop-up flash, which extends quite high above the lens to help minimize red eyes.

Pentax KP: Buttons
Pentax KP: Buttons

On the right side of the KP is the small shutter button. This button is surrounded by on and off buttons. Located in front of the shutter button is one of the e-fasts. This button is mostly used to change the speed of the run. While on the right is the FX3 Exposure Compensation button.

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Supporting Features

Pentax KP is also supported by a variety of interesting features. Like equipped with a weatherproof battery. The location of battery is at the bottom. D-LI109 105mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged. Pentax KP can be used for 400 shots using a Li-ion battery. In addition, the Pentax KP also features a metal tripod holder. The tripod mount is completely parallel to the center of the lens holder.

On the right side of the KP is the weather-closed SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card compartment that is compatible with SDXC UHS-1 speed cards. Located above is a USB 3.0 connector. On the left side are two rubber covers that cover the shared port / mic and DC In connector. Note that the Pentax KP does not have an HDMI port, which has been removed – instead you have to buy a proprietary dongle. Connecting to the default Pentax KP Wi-Fi is done through the main menu. After the Image Sync application is specifically installed on the camera device. So that you can quickly share images.


Pentax DSLRs are one that counts in the camera industry. Pentax DSLR performance is undoubted. Pentax KP has a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor. In addition the PRIME IV Processor and stabilization of the in-body 5-axis ‘SR II’ image. These DSLRs also tend to be lighter and slimmer than most DSLRs. Battery capability and Wi-Fi are also very good. So are you interested in the camera that was released at the beginning of 2017?


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