Pentax Optio M30 Manual User Guide and Review

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Pentax Optio M30 Manual Introduction

Pentax Optio M30 Manual User Guide and Review

When we talk about well-known camera manufacturer with high quality product, Canon must be on the list. For over years, this Japanese company has been known as the expert in constructing camera. And this claim is proven by several products it’s been producing.

As an example, we can see at one of its product, the Pentax Optio M30. With the long experience the company has in constructing camera product, the quality in this camera is definitely not something questionable. And to help user learn better toward this Lite camera, here we provide the Pentax Optio M30 manual as reference.

Pentax Optio M30 Appearance

It will be awkward to directly jump into the Pentax Optio M30 Manual. There should be any intro here. So, as an introduction, we think that it will be better if we talk about the specification of this camera first. And to begin this conversation, let’s begin with something obvious.

What is it? What else if it’s not the Pentax Optio M30 outside look. The body is made in slight outlook by its 4.8 inches width and 3.1 inches heght. It also has 19.05 oz weight which is allow you to bring this camera. Overall, the appearance of this camera is the perfect balance of black and white combination. The materials look solid with simple form.

Pentax Optio M30 Manual User Guide and Review

As you see on some pictures, Pentax Optio M30 has very stylish body that is redesigned to be in stylish ultra-slim look. Pentax Optio M30 manual says that this camera has metallic finish with high quality aluminum alloy texture that feels so great to grip.

Its sophisticated design allows Pentax Optio M30 to be more stunning to see. This Pentax Optio M30 is also supported with exclusive ultra-thin battery that fits in it. The 120g weigh also becomes one of the good points of it that makes it so comfortable to bring when you do your street photography. It means that you will be easy in keeping the camera in your pocket.

The Specification of Pentax Optio M30

Pentax Optio M30 which was launched on the last august becomes a new interesting photo shooting device to have. It’s a mid-level 7.1 megapixel digital compact cameras that is launched for better street photography. The Pentax Corporation provides Pentax Optio M30 as the replacement of M20 with better outlook and better internal feature.

With some major assets such as its redesign body and modern digital feature, Pentax Optio M30 is ready to compete with other brands in market. You need to take a look on Pentax Optio M30 for getting more information about it.

Pentax Optio M30 Manual User Guide and Review

As you see, Pentax Optio M30 has upgraded internal features that support its modern digital technology. Pentax Optio M30 manual says that the camera brings clear image with 7.1 megapixel and CCD sensor. It also has digital shake reduction mode that has high sensitivity.

When you set the digital SR mode, you will find it automatically adjust the ISO sensitivity up to 3200. The auto-macro function of Pentax Optio M30 also enable you to do very close photo shooting up to 10 cm.

Pentax Optio M30 feels so great with its modern internal feature of face recognition AF & AE. The auto-picture mode also allows you to get best result since it can automatically set the setting as the condition.

The Price and Impression of Pentax Optio M30

Pentax Optio M30 Manual User Guide and Review

Pentax Optio M30 is more than a digital compact that can provide best pictures. You will find it so great when grabbing Pentax Optio M30 in your hand. The good point of Pentax Optio M30 is that you can have it with low price.

Some sites show you an affordable price that is around $179.00. Pentax Optio M30 is highly recommended for you who like to get good camera with low budget. Try to shop in some reliable website. This product is still available there.

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Pentax Optio M30 Manual

As it is stated before, the aim of this article is to provide the Pentax Optio M30 Manual. This is the manual that will be a good reference with its rich content. The content covers whole details of the camera.

Something like specification, operation, camera parts, instruction, and others are perfectly provided in this manual. The manual will be offered in PDF. So, for you who are about to download it, we advise you to get the PDF reader software such as Adobe reader first.

Download Pentax Optio M30 User Manual

That’s all of the information about Pentax Optio M30 Manual. With this manual, we hope we can help you in understanding this camera better. And if you think this article is informative, we invite you to share it in your page. Therefore, the information contained in here can be spread in a wider range of audience. And lastly, if you have any idea toward this product, all the things to do is putting these ideas in the comment session below.


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