Tips & Trick: How Photographer Capture Photos in The Fog Conditions

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To become a reliable photographer, one must practice a lot. By practicing a photographer can apply the theory that has been obtained. Because that is like we know that practice is not as easy as theory. When in the field, a photographer will usually encounter obstacles. Especially the weather constraints of shooting locations.

However, with the expertise they have, sometimes conditions constraints are an interesting thing to immortalize. One of the challenging conditions is a condition of fog. Although the fog is very disturbing scenery, but there is photographer who actually do not want to miss this opportunity. Take pictures when misty requires techniques and expertise. Then, how do you take photos when misty?

Photographer: Foggy Situation
Photographer: Foggy Situation

Why is the fog avoided?

First we will discuss why fog is often avoided. Fog is avoided by the photographer because it can cause color saturation. If it is foggy, the color structure will be low. In addition, fog also causes images to become unclear. So that gives the impression of being flat. The object that was beautiful in the photo, did not dissipate the results because it was blocked by fog. Furthermore, the fog also interferes with photographer visibility. As a result the photographer is limited in taking pictures of objects.

Tips for Capture Photos when Fog Conditions

Although sometimes annoying, photographer who is challenged to take pictures during the fog. This foggy weather is often used by landscape photographer. This is because of the mysterious impression on the fog. Photographer also use fog to get blurry and background effects naturally. To get photos when the weather is good, different shooting techniques are needed. Here is a technique for taking photos when it’s foggy.


The first thing that must be considered when taking pictures when the fog is lighting. The atmosphere of the mist has soft lighting. The nature of light when mist is the same as the light produced by a large sized softbox. So that the photo looks smooth and clear. The photo Agara is not too flat and gives a mysterious impression, so Haryus set the camera mode. Use camera mode A / Av, P or S / Tv. In addition, use exposure compensation around +1 stop. This is done so that the image you produce looks maximum. If, intentionally want to photograph the fog, the right time is in the morning or late afternoon. Where fog usually appears and is in the highlands.

Slow Speed technique

The technique of taking photos with fog extortion is a slow speed technique. This technique can get petrified to get good results when shooting the atmosphere of fog. In addition, this technique also helps the appearance of the mist to be smooth. Next set the camera with a small diaphragm. A small diaphragm is marked by a large F number. This arrangement is done to get a sharp and wide space. It should be noted also, because using the slow speed technique, we must provide a tripod. Because when using a slow shutter speed will cause vibration in the hand. Use of self tripod to prevent hand vibration.

Use of ISO, Filter, Lens

Photographer: Foggy Situation
Photographer: Foggy Situation

Next to take pictures of the atmosphere of fog is to set the use of ISO. Set the camera using the ISO as small as possible. This can bring up picture breaks and reduce noise. The next step is to check the contrast settings between the existing drivers. Do not let the contrast difference be too high. To minimize contrast can use the gardual ND filter. Next, use a lens with a long focal length. A longer focal length lens can produce thicker fog on the photo. The longer focal lens you use, the thicker it will be, different if you use a wide lens.


Choose the location that surrounds it also has a beautiful view. For example, you who live in Yogyakarta can take a spot in Bukit Puthuk Setumbu. In addition to seeing the fog, you will also witness the mystical view of Borobudur Temple.

Taking pictures when foggy has conditions that are much different from conditions when bright. Need a strategy, you can produce interesting photos. Because basically lighting in a foggy atmosphere is soft lighting. If in the studio, the light is like that produced by a large sized softbox. So, the shadow becomes smooth and clear. Shooting during a foggy atmosphere can also outwit the camera’s lightmeter.

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This is due to the nature of the fog that is glowing. If the camera can feel bright environmental conditions. So that it will produce a rather dark photo. Fog can isolate the subject of the photo, the subject of the photo becomes clear, and the background becomes blurred. Fog makes the scene look more three-dimensional and in layers.

That’s the tips for taking photos when the atmosphere is foggy. Need to get used to producing good photos. Choose a photo object with your misty atmosphere. So that your photography capabilities are getting better.


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