Samsung NX3300 Manual for Traveler Selfie Friends

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The Introduction to Samsung NX3300 Manual

Samsung NX3300 Manual for Traveler Selfie Friends

When it comes to the question of what is the most important part of an electronic product especially digital camera product, we say it is the manual. It is because with the manual, both users and enthusiast will be able to get the needed information about a certain product.

With this manual too, the learning process upon the camera product is started. So, we can say that manual is the best reference when we want to understand the digital camera product. This is what motivates us to bring Samsung NX3300 Manual User Guide here, with this manual we hope that we can help you understanding this Samsung camera product better than before.

Overall Look of Samsung NX3300 Camera

Samsung NX3300 Manual for Traveler Selfie Friends-traveler-selfie-friends

It is generally known that look is something important that becomes a consideration for people in buying digital camera product. With the look, People can instantly attracted to a certain digital camera product.

More than that, sometimes the choice of camera look is also reflecting the personality of owner as well as the classiness of the camera itself. So, before we hit the Samsung NX3300 Manual User Guide directly, now we are going to talk about the look of this camera first.

Another version of NX camera from Samsung has come out. This time is called Samsung NX3300, it is just like the NX3300 with some improvements. Compared to the other NX series, in NX3300 the firmware is enhanced and the cosmetics are tweaked.

The most significant change to this camera is not the camera, but the bundle of the product. Because, in this camera Samsung does not include Adobe Lightroom in it. Samsung offers a better product bundle in this updated version, they now include a Samsung’s i-Launcher, Samsung DNG and Raw converter.

The look of both cameras are really similar, the shape, control layout, weight, and size are identical. Samsung NX3300 has a metallic top and bottom panels; it’s different from the previous one. In NX3300, the camera has a silver accent plate below the top panel, but it is now replaced with the attractive blue color. The blue color match with the kit lenses. You can choose between black or white color which is the only colors available.

The Specification of Samsung NX3300 Camera

Samsung NX3300 Manual for Traveler Selfie Friends

Samsung NX3300 uses a 21.6MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor. This is the same sensor they have in NX3300. The output resolution is at the exact same resolution with the NX33000, 5,472 x 3,648, but not the same sensor.

The auto-focus must rely on contrast-detection. The sensitivity range is ISO 100 to 25,600 equivalents with Auto ISO function. In this camera, there is no form of viewfinder included.

But, you can review and frame the images on a Flip-up 3inch LCD monitor. This type of monitor support your selfie photography since it can be tilted upwards 180 degrees. Flipping the screen can turn on the camera, when the self-shot feature is enabled. There will be a 3 second self-timer to once again support your selfies. There are few creative options on this cool camera.

One of them is Wink Shot mode. This mode helps you to take selfie just by simply wink at the camera. This works as well as the Smile Shot function. You can also record videos with this awesome camera. The video will be in maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p at 30fps rate. The microphone is built-in and there is no external mic port to support great audio quality for your videos.

Price of Samsung NX3300 Camera

Samsung NX3300 Manual for Traveler Selfie Friends

This is a versatile starter’s camera which is compact, and has an attractive price. Some people will be disappointed with the unavailability of the viewfinder and the screen that does not rotate. You can have this modern retro camera for about $436 on Amazon.

Samsung NX3300 Manual User Guide PDF

In the first line of this writing, it is already stated that the aim of providing this article is to bring the Samsung NX3300 Manual User Guide into the surface. This manual is the best reference for both user and enthusiast who want to learn about this product deeper.

With this manual, there will be a lot of information gained too. Something like specification, operation, camera parts, features, and others will be perfectly stored in here.

Therefore, if you want to know about this Samsung series camera, referencing to the Samsung NX3300 Manual User Guide below will be the best thing to do. But, the manual will be provided in PDF. So, before accessing it, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

Download NX3300 Manual

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