Sony A6400 Cameras For Vlogger

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Earlier this year, Sony released a new camera. Sony’s latest mirroless camera is named A6400. The company designed this camera for content creators and vlogger. This camera can be used for those who have high mobility. screen that can be rotated up to 180 degrees upward adds ease for vloggers. Then, how about Sony A6400 feature? What is the difference with the A6300 and A6500 series?

Feature for Vlogger from Sony A6400

This camera is designed for Vlogger. That’s why this camera is also supported by advance video feature. Video recording capability reaches 4K full pixel readout and no pixel binning. This series is also capable of recording intervals, for recording timelapse videos. In addition this camera is equipped with Slog 2 and Slog 3 profiles.

Sony claims that this camera has a fastest autofocus in the world. That is, the time to achieve focus is only 0.02 seconds. While for sensor resolution, the Sony A6400 has an APS-C Examor CMOS 24 megapixel camera sensor. The Series also combines with the BIONZ X processor. Moreover, this mirrorless camera is also equipped with 425 focus detectors contrast that can cover 84 degrees of viewfinder area.

The latest Sony camera can also take photos in a row up to 11 frames per second. Photo taking with mechanical key capabilities. In addition, 8 fps in silent shooting mode and continuous AF / AE tracking. Sony also supports this camera with the ability of slow-mottion. The camera’s slow-motion capability is up to 120 FPS at 180p resolutions. Then, there is also the Eye AF system. This system uses computer sensing to identify humans. In addition, this system also places a focus point on the human eye.

Sony A6400 Touch Screen

Sony A6400
Sony A6400

A6400 is equipped with a touch screen that can be rotated 180 degrees so that it faces to the front of the camera. As a result, vloggers can easily see video previews while recording. A6400 is also equipped with a hot shoe and microphone input. This feature has previously been found in many point and shoot cameras and a number of DSLRs. And of course this is important for vloggers who want to use mirrorless Sony as their weapon.

However, the Sony A6400 does not have a built-in stabilization like the A6500 or A7 generation 2 and 3. So, videographer or vlogger needs to carry dreadlocks. In addition, because the screen is rotated upwards, not sideways, it is difficult or nearly impossible to attach an external microphone on the camera’s hotshoe.

Sony promises better image quality. The manufacturer promised better performance in low light. That’s why this camera has a high ISO, that is a maximum ISO of 32,000 and can be expanded to 102,400. Button positioning was placed a little below despite having an autofocus algorithm and promising more natural colors.

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Compare with Previous Series

Sony A6400 internal body are still similar to Sony’s previous APS-C mirrorless camera models. This camera still relies on the 24.2 CMOS sensor with Bionz X image processing chip and 425 point phase detect AF. As the name implies, it seems that placing the camera between A6300 and A6500, A6400 hardware capabilities can be said to still below the A6500.

Sony a6400, for example, is not provided with an in-body image stabilizer (IBIS). A6400 memory buffer is only able to accommodate 116 standard JPEG frames or 46 RAW frames compressed in continuous shooting (up to 11 FPS with full tracking).

In additional, the physical Sony A6400 is more like the Sony A600 than the A6500. But the difference is that the LCD screen can now be rotated upwards of 180 degrees, so when taking selfie or vlogging, users can see themselves on the screen. This feature is relatively new because Sony series cameras such as the A6000 or A7 / A9 series, the LCD screen cannot be rotated forward, except the Sony A5100 series.

Price of Sony A6400

The price of A6400 for body only is USD 900, or it can also be purchased with a 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 lens at a price of USD 1000. Or there are also packages with more expensive lenses, namely 18-135mm f / 3.5-5.6 at a price of USD 1300.

As we know, the available Sony camera so far is indeed not too friendly for vlogger or youtuber because the screen cannot be turned forward. For this reason Sony is aimed to expand the market for vloggers by making screen capable of bending 180 degrees on Sony A6400. Physically, this camera looks identical to the two previous models. So, for vloggers or selfie camera lovers this could be your choice this year.


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