Sony ALPHA A500 Manual for Sony Powerful Alpha DSLR

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The Introduction of Sony ALPHA A500 Manual

Sony ALPHA A500 Manual for Sony Powerful Alpha DSLR

As a product complement, manual plays a big role in helping users understanding a certain digital camera product. This is so especially due to the rich information inside. With this manual, users will be able to figure out many kinds of information regarding to the camera product. Some information such as specification, features, camera parts, instruction, and others will be provided here.

So, for you who are still learning about camera, referring to the user manual of it will be the best idea to take. Further, due to this importance, here we aim to bring you manual of one digital camera products from Olympus. This is it, the Sony ALPHA A500 Manual.

The Overall Look of Sony ALPHA A500 Camera

Look always plays a big role in attracting customers. With the look, people can be instantly attracted to a certain camera product. More than that, look is also representing the personality of the camera owner. And it is also reflecting the quality and class of the product.

This is why many manufacturers are concerning to bring the most sophisticated look of a camera. So, before jumping up to the Sony ALPHA A500 Manual, here we are going to talk about the look of this camera first.

Sony ALPHA A500 Manual for Sony Powerful Alpha DSLR

Design is one of what changes in this Sony A500. Unlike Sony A300 which offers small handgrip, this A500 brings back the handgrip into its destination; big and easy to grab.

The big handgrip with wide gap between the grip and the lens mount offers more comfort for users to operate. On the rear side the separated buttons of DriveMode, Display and ISO are now back bringing instant operation in setting.

Sony A500 has tilt LCD, like other model, which offers comfortable view even on odd angle. Unfortunately, this model keeps using plastic as almost whole body. Sony A500 offers good balance and it is very easy to operate with one hand only thanks to its 60g in weight.

The Specification of Sony ALPHA A500 Camera

Sony has introduced the new line on its middle-level DSLR, Sony A500. This model is placed above the A3xx model and below of A7xx model.

Sony A500 offers better performance on some sector compared to the A3xx model but it comes with identical design. Sony A500 brings back some features which are reduced on the A3xx model and offers more comfort for users. Check this review out to know more about Sony A500 which camera.

Sony ALPHA A500 Manual for Sony Powerful Alpha DSLR

Based on the Sony A500 manual, this camera offers new 12.3 MP CMOS sensor at the heart of it with ISO range of 200 at the minimum to 12800 at the maximum. For AF sector, this model is featured with 9-points AF area which has a very quick AF lock.

This Sony A500 is also featured with Live View. This is the feature which is good enough to be added in this model since you may hardly find any model in its class. You can find continuous shot capability mode and AUTO HDR in Sony A500 that may be helpful for outdoor photo activity. For continuous shot, you can do up to 5fps in view finder but it is decreased to 4fps in Live View.

The Price and Impression of Sony ALPHA A500 Camera

Sony ALPHA A500 Manual for Sony Powerful Alpha DSLR

Released in the price range of $750, owning Sony A500 is a good idea. The features it has and the traditional design bring ease to use and good quality pictures.

The most noticeable is the Live View and its tilt LCD features that you may not see on other model. Sony A500 is equipped with SD/SDHC/Memory Stick PRO slots as the additional storage option with USB 2 to connect with PC. Overall, Sony A500 is a good recommendation for you who want a middle-class SLR camera with acceptable price and expectable features.

Sony ALPHA A500 Manual User Guide

Itโ€™s been stated since the first time that the aim of this article is to provide the Sony ALPHA A500 Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can help you understanding this camera product better y providing reliable sources.

But, before you decided to download the Sony ALPHA A500 Manual below, please remember that we provide this manual in PDF file format. So, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader first.

Download ALPHA A500 Manual

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