Sony DSLR-A100K Manual, a Pro DSLR Manual from Sony

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The Introduction to Sony DSLR-A100K Manual

Sony DSLR-A100K Manual, a Pro DSLR Manual from Sony

It is a manual that guides user in understanding a digital camera product. And it is the manual too that gives users many valuable information about the camera.

That’s why we can say that a manual is an important complement for a digital camera product. This is what motivates us to bring the Sony DSLR-A100K Manual in the first place.

With this manual, we hope that we can help you understand this product deeper, so that you can operate and treat the camera in a better way too.

The Sony DSLR-A100K Whole Camera Look

The first impression of a camera comes to its look. From the look, people can be easily attracted to a certain camera product. And apparently, the look is also representing the quality inside the camera product itself. Therefore, before directly jumping to the Sony DSLR-A100K Manual, here we will talk about the whole look of this Sony DSLR product first.

Photography is booming rapidly nowadays. People from teenagers until adult do this hobby with many kinds of camera devices. It is even does not come as just a hobby, but also passion, or even profession. As we can see today, so many people make photography as their profession. In short, you can do lot of things through this activity.

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The key of photography is finding the most suitable camera device. Actually it is quite easy to find it. All you need to do is asking yourself on what features to apply from your camera. If you have a plan to buy DSLR camera in recent time, DSLR-A100K should be on your wish list then.As other products from Sony, DSLR-A100K also produced in futuristic and stylish way.

It is proved by 133.1 x 94.7 x 71.3 mm body dimension. The total weight without battery and memory card is about 545 grams. With this body dimension, this camera is going to fit perfectly on your bag without adding meaningful load. Black is still chosen for the main color of this product after having similar color on previous cameras. And this colorhas been successfully representing the elegance and bold nuance for the users.

The Specification of Sony DSLR-A100K Camera

Sony DSLR-A100K Manual, a Pro DSLR Manual from Sony

More detail information about this camera can be found in the Sony DSLR-A100K Manual. But, for maore simpler view, here is the brief explanation about the specification of Sony DSLR-A100K camera.

As you can see, this is 10.2 effective mega pixels that are bundled as the main tool to capture amazing images. You can imagine how spectacular every single photo will be with this sensor.

Moreover, the camera sensor is also added by CCD Shift Mechanism and Anti-Static Coating as part of anti-dust system. This is the feature that you won’t get from other cameras in the similar class.

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Further, Sony seems to realize that some of photographers should work on any situation of light. For that cause, they add built-in flash that can reach up to 12 meters. 2.5 inches LCD Screen is also offered in order to make a real-time review to ensure that the result is perfect.

Other features you might try from DSLR-A100K are Zone Matching, Depth of Field Preview, Print Image Matching III, Remote Release Terminal, and Digital Print Order Format. Moreover, here you can also find Indicator of Remaining Memory Space, Beep Sound, Battery Remaining Indicator, and many more. See the other review about this camera product in: Sony DSLR-A100 Review

Sony DSLR-A100K Camera Price and Impression

Sony DSLR-A100K Manual, a Pro DSLR Manual from Sony

B.T.Lowe, one of DSLR-A100K users said that there is a great value from this camera. The eye-start focus is just so great under the right conditions.

It produces fantastic images that can be personalized based on the sharp level. It is also confidence-building look and he feels like a photographer.

And about the price, you will see that the global price for this device is about 955 USD. The price might be lower or higher in different places.

Sony DSLR-A100K Manual User Guide

As it is stated before, the aim of providing this article is to bring the Sony DSLR-A100K Manual into the surface. With this manual, we hope that we can help user in understanding more about this camera product. Further, this manual will not only be beneficial for users, but also for enthusiasts too.

This is due to the rich information in it. so, the enthusiast can get any information regarding to the specification, features, setting, and others. The Sony DSLR-A100K Manual will be provided in PDF. So, you need to have PDF reader software in your personal device before downloading it.

Download DSLR A100K Manual

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Finally, that’s all of the information about Sony DSLR-A100K Manual that we need to share to you. Any other ideas or information, you can add them in the comment session below.

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