Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual, a Manual for Sony Professional Camera Use

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The Introduction to Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual

Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual, a Manual for Sony Professional Camera Use

The existence of a manual book for an electronic product such as digital camera is really important. It is because a manual is such a gate. This is the gate that can take users to the unlimited understanding of a product. Moreover, it could be a reliable reference too. From this manual, user will be able to get various information regarding to the camera product itself.

Some kinds of information such as specification, instruction, camera parts, features, and others will be possible to be found here. Therefore, many people consider that a manual is one of the important parts of a product. This is why we aim to provide Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual here.

With this manual, hopefully we can help you in overcoming both major and minor issue toward your d Sony ILCA-77M2GBL camera.

The Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Camera Overall Look

Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual, a Manual for Sony Professional Camera Use

Talking about digital camera product, there will be some points that determine the quality of it. One of them is the outside appearance. Many people put the appearance of a device in the top list of consideration.

So, before jumping in to the Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual directly, we will talk about the outside look of this Sony camera first.

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As one of the leading camera manufacturers in the world, Sony always prepares its products carefully, including for their case. And it seems like everybody know that this manufacturer always releases DSLR product with stylish coverage and look.

And this state is also applied in the Sony ILCA-77M2GBL camera. As we can see in the picture, this camera comes with black and metallic touches in some parts. With the dimension of 142.6 x 104.2 x 80.9 inches, it is free for you to bring it as part of your journey.

And this dimension seems to result on the easy handling for this camera. Moreover, the overall weight of it is also interesting. With just about 647 grams (without battery) or 726 grams (battery included), you can carry this camera to wherever you want easily.

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Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Camera Specification

Do you have a plan to buy DSLR camera? If yes, it means that you have to be ready for high level of confusion. It is so since there will be tons of options to look at. But one thing to note, the main key to get the best DSLR device is considering on what you need.

After that, write down these needs over the paper and start to search the most suitable products. It will definitely narrow down the searching result and fasten up the process of getting the most suitable product. But, if you are too busy to do this, our suggestion comes to a camera product from Sony, Sony ILCA-77M2GBL.

As stated in Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual, this camera is one of the Sony Alpha DSLR series which offers you thousands of functional features.

Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Camera Features

Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual, a Manual for Sony Professional Camera Use

The first and prime feature in this camera is 24.3 megapixel camera resolution. The main lens is bundled by APS-C CMOS Sensor with gapless technology.

This software allows you to snap pictures without getting any meaningful gap on the result.

And as stated in Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual, Sony put their trust on BIONZ X processor as the brain of this device. This is the processor that will enhance the process of shooting and showing the result.

Furthermore, in case you are willing to make a movie, this camera will be the good choice. It offers Quick AF Full HD Movie with 1920×1080 resolution. But sometimes, it is quite difficult to get photos with precise calculation.

So for that cause, ILCA-77M2GBL is set by XGA OLED TruFinder technology on its viewfinder. Last but not least, this camera works very well in capturing 12 frames per second with Continuous AF Mode. By having this ability, you are free to snap activities with fast movement like sport. Other review about this product, visit: Sony Alpha a77II DSLR Camera with Battery Grip (Body Only)

The Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Camera Price and Impression

Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual, a Manual for Sony Professional Camera Use

On some well-known online shops, this camera is available at 1,460 USD. This price is worth considering tons of new features and sophisticated camera sensor here.

About the testimonial of using this device, one of ILCA-77M2GBL’ users, account “jshinrock”, said that the product is very solid. The memory card is fast read.

The bag is usable. In short, he likes this camera so much. Another user named Tanya Reventas adds the testimony by saying that this product makes her feel like a professional. All the possibilities are endless.

Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual User Guide

It is already stated in the first line of this writing that the aim of this article is to provide the Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can help user in understanding this product better. So, at the end, they can operate as well as treat this camera product in the most appropriate ways.

But, before accessing it, there is one thing to note. It is that we will provide the Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual in PDF file format. Therefore, before deciding to download it, it will be better if you install PDF reader software in your personal device first.

Download ILCA 77M2GBL Manual

Finally, that’s all of the information that we need to share regarding to the Sony ILCA-77M2GBL Manual. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you as it is beneficial for others.

And if you have any other opinion, ideas, or thoughts about this device, we welcome you to put them in the comment session below. And, if you think writing is informative, you are free to share it in your personal page


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