Sony MVC-FD91 Manual for Sony’s Great Camera with 14x Optical Zoom Lens

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Ease and simplicity is important to access certain information. This is why we provide the Table of Content below. With this Table of Content, you can go to certain part of this writing about Sony MVC-FD91 Manual PDF simply by clicking on the sub topic below.

The Introduction to Sony MVC-FD91 Manual

When it comes to the question of what is the most important part of an electronic product especially digital camera product, we say it is the manual. It is because with the manual, both users and enthusiast will be able to get the needed information about a certain product. With this manual too, the learning process upon the camera product is started.

Sony MVC-FD91 Manual - camera front face

So, we can say that manual is the best reference when we want to understand the digital camera product. This is what motivates us to bring Sony MVC-FD91 Manual PDF here, with this manual we hope that we can help you understanding this Sony camera product better than before.

The Overall Look of the Sony MVC-FD91 Camera

It is such a state that we will talk about the specification first before hitting the manual. So, in this writing, we will save the Sony MVC-FD91 Manual PDF for the last. And for now, we will talk about the specification of this Germany-made camera, starting with the overall look of it first.

Looking from the outlook, this camera seems quite complicated with all that detail. As shown in Sony MVC-FD91 most of the control buttons are existed on the rear of the camera. Image resolution and size is set from the on-screen menu system. Sadly, this camera doesn’t have a video output option.

Sony MVC-FD91 Manual - camera rear side

The battery access door and a metal tripod socket are the only things on the bottom. The good news is that you don’t need to remove the mounted tripod when you are going to change the battery. Looking at the camera from the left side, you will probably find that it is really easy to operate the zoom rocker. Finally, the MVC-FD91 is available in metallic silver optional case for global market.

The Specification of Sony MVC-FD91

For traditional photography enthusiasts out there, Sony MVC-FD91 is a camera you are waiting for. This camera offers full manual control and lots of features that make picture taking more convenient and enjoyable.

Along with the DSC-D700, the FD91 is at the top of Sony’s Mavica camera line up. It might not get the best looking, but it is more important on how the camera takes photographs. Do not quit reading until you find out the FD91’s pros and cons as explained below.

Sony MVC-FD91 Manual - camera side with disket

Based on the Sony MVC-FD91 manual, the camera is reinforced by 850k-pixel progressive scan CCD as the main imager. It captures maximum image resolution at 1024 x 768 pixel in JPEG format only. This camera also captures 60 seconds video in Video Mail Mode or 15 seconds in Presentation Mode.

The biggest surprise is on the huge 14x zoom lens that will be very meaningful in picture taking. This is one of the longest focal length lens compared to its competitors. Another feature that makes the FD91 unique is its 1.44MB floppy diskettes that store the images.

Of course there won’t be lot of images on each diskette, but users are capable of transferring the pictures to computer. Reviewing and framing your pictures are now much easier with the combination of a color viewfinder and a 2.5” color LCD. Finally, based on the Sony MVC-FD91 manual, the camera also offers to you creative control through Automatic Exposure.

Sony MVC-FD91 Quick Specification

Max resolution1024 x 768
 Low resolution640 x 480
 Image ratio w:h04:03
 CCD pixels0.8 million
 CCD size1/3″ (Sony)
 CCD filter typeG – R – G – B
 ISO rating100
 Zoom wide (W)37 mm
 Zoom tele (T)518 mm (14 x)
 Auto FocusYes
 Manual FocusYes
 Normal focus range80 cm
 Macro focus range3 cm
 White balance overrideYes – 3 pos.
 Aperture rangeF1.8 – F3.2
 Min shutter1/60 s
 Max shutter1/4000 s
 Built-in FlashYes, pop-up
 Flash modesLow, Normal, High
 Exposure adjustment-1.5EV to +1.5EV in 1/2EV steps
 MeteringCenter Weighted, Spot
 Aperture priorityYes, full range manual
 Shutter priorityYes, full range manual
 Lens thread52 mm
 Continuous / BurstYes MPEG 60s @ 160×112, 15s @ 320×240
 Tripod mountYes
 Self-timerYes, 8s delay
 Storage typesDisk 3.5″ 1.44MB (2x speed)
 Storage included1,44 MB floppy
 Uncompressed formatBMP (only @ 640 x 480, 1.3MB)
 Compressed formatJPEG
 Quality LevelsFine, Standard
 ViewfinderTTL Optical
 LCD2.5 “
 Operating systemProprietary
 Battery / ChargerYes
 BatteryInfoLithium (NP-F330) & charger
 Weight (inc. batteries)950 g (33.5 oz)
 Dimensions140 x 103 x 162mm
(5.5″ x 4.1″ x 6.4″)

Sony MVC-FD91 Price and Impression

Sony MVC-FD91 Manual for Sony's Great Camera with 14x Optical Zoom Lens

It is clear that Sony MVC-FD91 will do well in running basic photography; capturing pictures and recording video. The combination of 0.8MP CCD sensor, 14x optical zoom lens, viewfinder, and 2.5” LCD display ensure that every story is worth sharing. Moreover, this camera uses a portable diskette which is easy to insert and remove. Available starting from 699 USD, the FD91 comes as a good choice.

Sony MVC-FD91 Manual User Guide in PDF

In the first line of this writing, it is already stated that the aim of providing this article is to bring the Sony MVC-FD91 Manual PDF into the surface. This manual is the best reference for both user and enthusiast who want to learn about this product deeper. With this manual, there will be a lot of information gained too. Something like specification, operation, camera parts, features, and others will be perfectly stored in here.

Therefore, if you want to know about this Sony MVC-FD91 Series camera, referencing to the Sony MVC-FD91 Manual PDF below will be the best thing to do. But, the manual will be provided in PDF. So, before accessing it, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

Download Sony MVC-FD91 User Manual pdf

Finally, that’s all of the explanation about SONY MVC-FD91 Manual PDF. With this manual, hopefully we can help you to gain the essential information about this product. Further, if you have other ideas about this camera, we welcome you to put your thought in the comment session below. And if you think this writing is valuable, you can share it in your personal page to spread the information to other audience.