Sony NEX-5R Manual User Guide, Guiding You to the World of NEX-5R

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To provide ease and simplicity in accessing the Sony NEX-5R Manual information in this writing, here we enclose the Table of Content of it. With this Table of Content, you can easily go to the certain part of this writing simply by clicking on the points below.

Sony NEX-5R Manual User Guide, Guiding You to the World of NEX-5R

The Introduction to Sony NEX-5R Manual

Sony NEX-5R Manual User Guide, Guiding You to the World of NEX-5R

A manual is an important book that can be used by user in learning a certain product. This manual book is really important as a complement, especially for an electronic product such as digital camera.

With this manual, users will be able to get the essential information such as specification, instruction, operation, camera parts, and others.

Therefore, a manual book is not only able to be used by users, but it will also be functional for enthusiast in understanding the certain camera product. And as a realization of this state, here we provide you the Sony NEX-5R Manual.

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The Overall Look of Sony NEX-5R Camera

Before jumping in to the Sony NEX-5R Manual, here we are going to talk about the look of this camera first. Speaking of the look, Sony must be the champion. Its camera products are not only bundled with high level of specification, but also eye-catching stylish look. This seems so right since look also becomes one of the main considerations of user in deciding which product to choose.

Through this product, Sony will amaze you with the stylish case of NEX-5R. The domination of black is really bringing bold and solid look. The surface of the case is designed with tons of holes to make it hand-grip. And these holes work perfectly in preventing from slippery while you are getting wet.

With the dimension of 4.4 x 2.3 x 1.5 inches, this camera looks so stylish and futuristic. Moreover, as a final touch, the manufacturer set the overall weight of this camera to be just about 7.69 oz included the battery and memory card.

And one thing that you would definitely like from this gadget is its ability to perform very well up to 104 degree Fahrenheit. While at the lowest point, it can perform in the 32 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Moreover, to give you the better look about this camera, here is the introduction video of Sony NEX-5R camera. In this video, there will be a lot of information gained related to this camera product.

So, whenever you look for reference about Sony NEX-5R camera, referencing to below video will be the best idea. And for your information, this is a introductory video made by official Sony account on Youtube. So, we can bet the reliability of it.

The Specification of Sony NEX-5R Camera

Are you looking for DSLR camera? Surely, you need to be ready to face many options of them. It is because there will be millions of products to watch. But, you need to narrow down the options to get the most suitable one. And from these millions of products, there is one that deserves to be watched.

It is Sony NEX-5R, a product launched by Sony on August 2011 that is believed to have pro DSLR feel and tons of specifications. Talking further about specification, you will find the complete specification of this camera in Sony NEX-5R Manual. But, before getting straightly to there, here is the brief version of the specification from the Sony NEX-5R Manual.

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Sony NEX-5R Features

Sony NEX-5R Manual User Guide, Guiding You to the World of NEX-5R

As we can see in the Sony NEX-5R Manual, this camera is set by 16.1 megapixels sensor. This sensor comes from the kind of Exmor APS HD CMOS Optical Sensor Type.

The size of optical sensor is quite wide that is 15.6 x 23.5mm. With this size, of course this camera will be able to get the better imaging quality. Further, this sensor also has the ability to reduce dust by its Dust Reduction feature.

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Realizing that the image processor is crucial, Sony put BIONZ technology as the main brain for this device. While in the connectivity, IEEE 802.1 1b/g/n Wireless Connection is set as the main server for internet connection.

You can do lot of things with this feature in order to help your photography activities. And more interestingly, Face Detection feature allows you to recognize the face of certain object.

By using this camera, you don’t really have to worry anymore of taking photos in low light condition. It is because NEX-5R is bundled by Detachable Flash.

Detachable means that you are capable of removing or setting it based on the situation and condition.Last but not least, you will be amazed by its folded LCD Display. Unlike its predecessor, 5R is designed in touch screen technology.

Sony NEX-5R Camera Price and Impression

Sony NEX-5R Manual User Guide, Guiding You to the World of NEX-5R

There is no doubt that this product is worth to be considered.

The account “crysrae23” on the internet said that this camera takes wonderful photos.

It is also easy for on the go people due to its design and dimension.

The body is small enough, and the Panorama feature was great, makes it very fit for vacation use.

About the pricing, you can get this product by paying around 750 USD.

Sony NEX-5R Manual User Guide

It is already stated in the first place that the aim of providing this article is to bring the Sony NEX-5R Manual up. With this manual, we hope that we can help user in understanding this Sony camera product better. Moreover, this manual will also be beneficial as a reference especially for them who are interested to this camera product.

And if you are one of this people, all you need to do is downloading the Sony NEX-5R Manual below. But, one thing to note is that we will provide this manual in PDF file format. So, before downloading it, it will be better if you have PDF reader software installed in your device first.

Download NEX 5R Manual

Finally, that’s all of the information about Sony NEX-5R Manual that we need to share. We really hope that this manual will be so much helpful for you as the trustworthy reference of this Sony camera product.

Further, if you have any other ideas or opinion about this camera product, we welcome you to put them in the comment session below. Further, if you think that this writing is beneficial, it will be really appreciated if you share it in your personal page.


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