Sony SLT-A58 Manual User Guide for Sony Incredible Sensor Camera

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The Introduction to Sony SLT-A58 Manual

Sony SLT-A58 Manual User Guide for Sony Incredible Sensor Camera

One of the ways for users in understanding their electronic product such as digital camera is by reading the manuals of it. This is why manual matters, especially due to the rich information inside. With this manual, user can gain so many information regarding to the digital camera product they are having.

Some information such as specification, features, camera pars, and more will be provided well in the manual. So, it is not something odd if many people say that a manual book is one of the most important aspects for digital camera product. And apparently, this is what motivates us to bring the Sony SLT-A58 Manual here.

The Overall Look of Sony SLT-A58 Camera

Indeed, specification is something that decides the quality of a digital camera product. But, people not only see a certain product only by its specification. In fact, there are many considerations in buying a certain camera product, including look.

For many years, look plays a big role in attracting people to buy a camera. And it seems like Sony has sensed this fact carefully. It is proven by releasing the Sony SLT-A58 product. With the high technology inside and nicely done cover outside, this product is ready to rock the market

Sony SLT-A58 Manual User Guide for Sony Incredible Sensor Camera

The body of Sony SLT-A58 is pretty much similar to the A57. Your hand will have the substantial grip especially for the middle and ring fingers for comforting them.

There’s also a comfortable space for the thumb at the rear. Predominantly, the construction of camera exterior is made of plastic. It’s completed with the rubberized surface to let you comfy with the handgrip and thumb rest.

Some users feel disappointed with the lens mount. It is because the construction of the lens mount is not metal; it is made of plastic too. It’s supposed to be metal because the majority of DSLR uses that material.

The buttons dotted well around the camera body. You will have an exposure compensation, ISO, Drive, and AF button. If you want other control for your camera setting, you can just go with the Fn button that offers you all things you need to control.

The Specification of Sony SLT-A58 Camera

This is the new interchangeable lens camera from Sony that has a one-of-a-kind translucent Mirror technology. Based on the Sony SLT-A58 manual, the technology offers you a high-speed shooting in a small body which is smaller than DSLRs.

This Sony SLT-A58 camera has replaced the 2 models in entry-level DSLR, the A57 and A37. The 8 frame per second burst shooting is featured in the 20.1MP sensor of this camera. It has the same core elements with the predecessor, the A57 but now it comes with a better sensor size.

Sony SLT-A58 Manual User Guide for Sony Incredible Sensor Camera

The Sony SLT-A58 manual also tells that the major feature update is on this Sony SLT-A58 is the sensor. Actually, the core elements of the sensor are still the same, but it now has a sensor in 20.1MP, unlike the previous one, the 16.1MP. The BIONZ processor is here to be a great combination for adjusting noise reduction levels. There is a 15-point AF system which includes 3 cross-type point in order to get the more sensitive AF detection.

The new Lock-on technology would support the AF performance to get it faster and more accurate. Sony SLT-A58 doesn’t use the optical viewfinder; it uses an Electronic viewfinder (EVF) instead. The EVF can give the 100% view field that many DSLRs don’t have.

Price and Impression of Sony SLT-A58 Camera

Sony SLT-A58 Manual User Guide for Sony Incredible Sensor Camera

Many people really love the comfortable handgrip in this Sony SLT-A58. It also has a reliable AF performance and nice images’ detail level. The thing that disappoints many users is the plastic lens mount. And also, the burst mode is limited. On Amazon, this really cool camera is worth 360 dollars. It’s a pretty good price for such a great camera.

Sony SLT-A58 Manual User Guide

We already stated in the first line of this writing that the aim of it is to provide you the Sony SLT-A58 Manual. With this manual, we hope we can help you understanding this product by providing the reliable information here.

But, before you download the manual, there is one thing that you need to note. In order to provide easy access and simplicity, we provide the manual in PDF file format. So, before you download the manual, it will be better if you download PDF reader software first.

Download SLT A58 Manual

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