Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide and Detail Specification

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The Introduction to Sony SLT-A58K Manual

Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide and Detail Specification

A manual must be something important as complement of a product. With this manual, users will have a bridge to the deeper understanding of the product itself. This is because in the manual book, there will be a lot of information obtained.

Something like specification, instruction, operation, parts, and other will be well-provided here. That’s why by employing the manual, you will be able to know more detail about the product you are using easily. And that’s exactly what motivates us to provide the Sony SLT-A58K Manual to you.

Overall Look of Sony SLT-A58K Manual

But, before jumping to the Sony SLT-A58K Manual, firstly, we will talk about the specification of this product first. And to begin with, the overall look will be the first thing to discuss.

Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide and Detail Specification

Overall, this eye-catching compact camera has a very good grasp that would make it effortless to carry around anywhere. The 16-50mm zoom kit and lens has a new design that makes the whole kit to be much friendly to be carried around.

The size of this Sony SLT-A58K is pretty identical with the size of entry-level DSLR cameras. The construction of the exterior is mostly plastic.

It’s a little disappointing that the metal lens mount are replaced by the plastic one. The substantial grip would please your fingers along with the rubberized surface that would give the rest space for your middle fingers and ring ones.

The grip is comfortable and best in class. This cool camera is quick to use and fairly straightforward. The body-mounted controls would provide quick access to drive mode, ISO, exposure compensation, and AF. There is also an Fn button that offers you further access to other controls for your shooting.

The Specification of Sony NEX-5TL Camera

Another great entry-level DSLR camera with the translucent mirror technology from Sony, in this technology, a semi-transparent mirror is replacing the moving mirror and pentaprism in DSLR. It advantage of this technology is that the autofocus can remain in action while shooting the image, and the burst frame rate are also improved over other DSLRs.

Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide and Detail Specification

This 20MP camera offers a few modest improvements over the previous generation, A57. The OLED viewfinder is replaced with the EVF (Electronic Viewfinder). This type of viewfinder offers lots of information, and it’s provided with a preview of exposure and settings of white balance. Sony SLT-A58K is not technically DSLR, it’s actually an SLT camera.

Based on the Sony ST-A58K manual, this camera uses 20.1MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor that improves on the predecessor’s sensor, the 16.1MP one.

The Bionz processor is also improved, it adjust levels of noise reduction and sharpness. It has a good ISO sensitivity of 100-16,000. The size of the rear screen is shrunk in size compared to A57, it is now in 2.7inch.

You can pull out the screen to an angle for your shooting that support different heights. Further, the Sony NEX-5TL manual also tells that the AF system is just as same as the previous generation. There is new feature called Lo-On autofocus that could give a better performance for subject tracking.

When you compare this SLT camera to the rivals, it shoots frame rates faster. It has the ability to shoot at up to 8fps. There is a technology that builds upon the Auto Portrait Framing feature; it’s called an Auto Object Framing technology.

The Price and Impression of Sony NEX-5TL Camera

Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide and Detail Specification

The ability of burst shooting in full resolution in up to 5fps is a great thing about this Sony SLT-A58K. It also has a good performance at high ISO settings. The electronic Viewfinder is not really as sharp as other Sony’s camera. The shrunk LCD is a disappointment, it could be larger.

Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide

As it is stated in the first line, the aim of this article is to bring the Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide. With this user guide, we hope that we can help both users and enthusiast to understand better about this camera product.

Further, the Sony SLT-A58K Manual User Guide will be provided in PDF. So, for you who want to access this user guide, it will be better to download the PDF reader software first.

Download SLT A58K Manual

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Finally, we have arrived to the end of this Sony SLT-A58K Manual writing. We really hope that this article could be beneficial for you to update your understanding toward this monochrome camera.

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