Still Life Photography: How to Make a Inanimate Photo Seems Alive

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In the world there are many interesting objects for photographers. Not only scenic sights or other living object. But inanimate object is also interesting for photographers. However, when taking pictures of inanimate objects. Usually a photgrapher will give an impression of life. This technique is called Still Life Photography.

Still Life Photography is the art of photography. That makes inanimate objects to look alive and meaningful. Still Life is synonymous with the world of commercial photography and advertising. This technique also functions as a way to express the emotional photographer. In addition, this technique exists. It is because not all concepts and emotions can be visualized by living things.

Still life is divided into two types. They are pure still life and general still life. Pure still life is purely free and idealistic. The photographer is free to express according to the wild imagination in his head. While the general still life has its own features and not as free as pure still life.

Important Elements in Still Life Photography

Although it looks simple, there are some things that must be considered in this technique. Still Life is a photography technique that requires special skills. In this genre, photographer must position the object or group of objects into the right arrangement. And also, he needs to adjust the background and lighting to be synergistic with the object being photographed. For that purpose, there are several tips & tricks are needed.


Still Life Technique has several important elements that must be considered. So, the resulting image becomes more alive. The most basic element is lighting. As we know, lighting becomes the basis for shooting. Lighting alone can be from natural light or artificial light. Therefore, the photographer must have knowledge about lighting.

A photographer must be able to determine the lighting system. That is the falling direction of the light on the object we are photographed. Usually, for still life shooting. It is done with artificial light and flash. But of course it cannot be arbitrary in determining the light of its creation. So it photographer must be able to choose the position of artificial or natural lights. In addition, the amount of light is very important to get satisfying results too. And more importantly, to make the object looks alive.


The next element is composition. Composition is the matter of placing various objects that are photographed within the frame. For that, we need to set the object to be photographed. In addition, taking the right angle also needs to be considered in order to create a “realistic” effect.


The last element is property. Property related to objects that are added or linked around the main object. The aim of adding property is to create the impression. That you want to show on the photo. The type of property depends on what is photographed. Avoid relying too much on property. Because arranging properties in large quantities can eliminate focus from the main object.


The technique of getting images to look alive is creativity. However, there are several tools that can be tried to help get maximum results. Like the use of a tripod. There are two advantages of doing it. First is being able to use ISO 100 and slow shutter. The second is for more accurate photo composition.

Still Life Photography
Still Life Photography

Does the Camera Affect?

When doing this Still Life photography, we can use any camera. So, there is no specific type of camera for this technique. There is no provision for using a mirrorless or DSLR camera too. It is because the main thing’s needed in making this technique is high creativity. So, the picture taken looks more alive and meaningful.

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Currently there are lots of photos with Still Life techniques that are presented on social media. However, this trend seems to fade. Because most people just take photos with the random object. But forgetting the special tips in preparing still life. So this technique is not a trend that is loved by many people. Then, are you interested in trying this technique? If you want to do this technique, don’t forget the trip & trick above.


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