Tips & Trick: All About Street Photography for Beginners

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In the world of photography not only so many types of cameras. However, the basic camera techniques are also various types. This time we will discuss street photography techniques. What is street photography? Street Photography is a type of documentary that displays the subject from candid situations in public places. This technique is also used to express a photographer. Even many photographers use it to find out the ability to take pictures. Street photography is done in public places. Like roads, markets, malls, terminals etc. In getting good results from street photography there are several techniques that can be used. However, before discussing street photography techniques, we will discuss conditions in public places that can be used as street photography. Here are the good conditions for making street photography.

Graphic or Visual Elements

The next street photography condition is a graphic or visual element. This photo prioritizes lighting and good shadows in public places. So that it has strong diagonal lines, interesting shapes, and other elements. The results of this work emphasize geometry, color, and composition rather than emotional feeling.

Focus on Details

Street photography also pays attention to details. In fact, some of the best photos on street photography focus on details, not overall objects. Just pay attention to the little things in more detail.

Have Emotional Strength

Impressive street photography is photographs that have emotional strength and show a number of reflections of the human condition. Street photography is also a candid image taken. It’s quite difficult to find objects with emotional strength in street photography. First, you must find the power of emotions on the streets through body language and facial expressions. Then you must quickly take the moment before the person realizes it. If you do it well, you will create attractive images and have emotional strength that can touch the deepest side of the heart.

Street Photography Technique

Street photography also has techniques to produce good images. Then what are the street photography techniques? Here are some Street photography techniques that you can learn.

Low Angle Technique

Street Photography: Low Angle
Street Photography: Low Angle

Low Angle Technique Using Low Angle in taking pictures presents different results than others. Street photography the ‘naughty’ angle becomes a technique that is quite important in order to produce different works of street photography than others.

Layering technique

Street Photography: Layering Tecnique
Street Photography: Layering Tecnique

This technique is considered difficult in street photography. This is because the subject must not overlap or overlap each other. The subject must fill one full frame without subject settings everything just happens without engineering. When making layering it is better to use burts mode.

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Juxtaposition technique

This street photography technique utilizes the background with writing or image images on the street or public area. This technique makes the photo more telling and may be more easily understood by our photo readers / connoisseurs.

Street Photography: Juxtaposition
Street Photography: Juxtaposition

Specifically, juxtaposition is a condition when you place two different elements in a frame that is very contradictory to each other. Like taking someone with a red shirt in front of a green background. So that it can create strong images. Because there are two elements in sat frame.

Framing Technique

Tips & Trick: All About Street Photography for Beginners 2
Street Photography: Farming Tecnique

The next street photography technique is framing. In this technique we are required to hone our art of framing skills. In street photography it is not only the moment that plays an important role, but this framing is also quite important so that we can produce good street photography works.

Shade and Light technique

Street Photography: Shade and Light technique
Street Photography: Shade and Light technique

This Shade and Light technique utilizes bright dark light like the photo above, playing shade and light better when the sun is bright like in the morning, afternoon, evening. we are just looking for where the fall of the light is dark and bright and then we are just waiting for the moment that is really right to be used as street photography.

That’s a review of tips and techniques from street photography. Some photographers use this technique to express themselves. They also measure their abilities with street photography. Although street photography is taken candidiately, but the photo can still tell stories. So there are techniques that need to be trained for street photography. Besides that the type of lens and camera can also influence the results of street photography. So, are you interested in doing street photography?


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