Tips and Trick: How to Take Care Your DSLR Camera

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The best photographer is not only looking for the best camera to get a good picture. But, they will also take care their camera very well. Besides upgrading their photographic skills, the good photographer will learn how to treat their camera well. Because different cameras has different treatment. So, this is how to treat DSLR camera that you need to know.

Avoid The Water, Humidity, and Direct Sunlight to Expose Your DSLR Camera

DSLR camera is one of sensitive electronic device. That’s why you must avoid the DSLR camera from water because water can damage the internal camera. Especially if you take a under water sea picture, you must watch out for the camera because sea water can damage metal components inside the camera.

However, both freshwater and seawater can damage the camera as well. Therefore, you need to avoid the camera from water, especially for DSLR waterproof camera. Even for waterproof DSLR camera, you still have to pay attention when using the camera in the water.

Besides, you have to pay attention to the air humidity too. Just like water, the humidity can damage the internal camera. If the air humidity gets higher, it’s going to produce more water vapor. This water vapor can damage the internal camera.

The next one that can damage the DSLR camera is putting the camera under direct sunlight. The DSLR camera has internal part to protect from dust and water vapor. If the camera gets too much sunlight it can damage the internal part that’s supposed to protect from dust and water vapor. Moreover, the direct sunlight will be damaging the camera color.

Clean The DSLR Camera Regularly

Even if you don’t use the camera, it’s a good idea to keep your camera clean. Not only the camera lens, but the camera body must also be cleaned regularly. To clean the camera lens you can use a liquid cleaning kit or a special liquid. It should be noted to not directly spray liquid on the camera. Use a soft cloth to spray liquid on the camera.

For the camera body, you can clean it by using a special camera cleanser that you can buy at camera equipment store. Don’t forget to reach the rubber zoom ring and focus ring on the camera lens. Clean the camera after you use it, so dust, water, water vapor won’t damage your internal camera.

Protect Your DSLR Camera

There are some ways to protect your DSLR camera. The first is use LCD to protect the camera screen. The LCD will protect screen camera from scartches. The second is used a lens-holder on the camera. This lens holder will prevent the excess light sensor from entering the camera, because this can damage the quality of your camera’s sensors in the long time. Moreover, you can use a UV filter on the camera lens.

DSLR Camera Bag

The next protection for your DSLR camera is the use of camera bag. The camera bag has been designed with soft pads that minimize your DSLR camera hit by a collision. In addition, the camera bag also has a section for storing chargers, lenses, filters and other equipment.

You should avoid using a bag or backpack to store the camera. Because backpack are not designed specifically to protect the camera from special impact. Besides protecting the camera use a camera bag, you can also use a dry box for storage at home. As the name, dry box can protect your camera from extreme room temperature. So, your camera will stay dry and get rid out of moisture.

Consider How your DSLR Camera Works

Not less important is how to use the exhibition. Things that must be considered such as the use of battery, camera button, and always turn off before removing the camera battery. Lithium-lion batteries generally have around 500 times the charging cycle. So, if you have passed the 500 times charging cycle, the battery will generally decrease and the battery must be replaced immediately.

Next, consider when you press the camera button. DSLR cameras have many buttons to support their features. To keep the buttons going even though the camera is old, then you have press the button smoothly and don’t with the full power. If the button is broken, just go to service center to fix the broken button.

Use DSLR Camera Shoulder Strap

DSLR Camera Shoulder Strap

Always use the camera strap on neck when you taking photos. This is to avoid unwanted incidents when taking photos.

Those are tips for caring for a DSLR camera. Caring your DSLR camera is easy. You just neesto do it regularly and continuously. Good DSLR camera maintenance can also extend the life of the camera. Even though the camera is old, if it’s properly cared, it can still produce good images. So, have you taken care of your DSLR camera?


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