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In the era of technology, capturing moments in a photo is a routine. In fact, many also begin to pay attention to the aesthetic element in taking pictures. Even though they are not a photographer. Even now there are a lot of new beginner photographers who are appearing. Rely on one of them? Even though to be a reliable photographer you need long hours of practice. However, is it better if it is not balanced with theoretical abilities?

This time we will discuss the types of photos. The types of photos here are only as an outline grouping, which helps facilitate us in understanding a photographic work, and this is not a classification of patents to produce photographs. Then, what are the types of photos?

Types of Photos: Photos of Humans

Humans are one of the most used photo objects. Human photos are all photos whose main object is humans. The object can be children or adults. It can even be taken while in groups or individually. These types of photos vary. In these types of photos certainly offer value and attractiveness to be visualized. The types of photos are further divided into several categories, namely:


The first types of photos in human photos are portrait. Portrait is a photo that shows human expression and character in their daily lives. Humans are expressive beings. There are so many human expressions that offer a charm when they are shot. The challenge in making portrait photos is to be able to capture the expression of objects (mimics, gazes, facial wrinkles) that are able to give an emotional impression and create a person’s character. This type of photo can be taken candidly or consciously.

Human Interest

Furthermore, the types of photos in human photos are Human Interest. Human Interest in photography is describing human life or human interaction in daily life and emotional expressions that show humans with the problems of life, all of which bring a sense of interest and sympathy for people who enjoy the photo.

Types of Photos
Types of Photos

Stage Photography

The types of photos in human photos are Stage Photography. Stage Photography are all photos that show human activities / lifestyles that are part of the culture and entertainment world to be exploited and become interesting material to be visualized.

Types of Photos
Types of Photos


The types of photos in human photos are sports. Sports photos are types of photos that capture interesting and spectacular action in sports events and matches. This type of photo requires a photographer’s accuracy and speed in capturing the best moments.

Types of Photos
Types of Photos

Types of Photos : Nature

In this type of photo nature the main objects are natural objects and living things (natural) such as animals, plants, mountains, forests and others. Here are the types of photos in Nature:

Flora Photos

The first types of photos in nature are flora photos. Types of photographs with the main object of plants and plants are known as flora photos. Various types of plants with all their diversity offer the value of beauty and attractiveness to be recorded with a camera.

Types of Photos
Types of Photos

Photos of Fauna

After flora, the types of photos in the next nature are fauna. Photo fauna is a type of photo with various types of animals as the main object. This photo shows the attraction of the animal world in its activities and interactions.

Types of Photos
Types of Photos

Landscape Photos

The last types of photos in nature are landscapes. Landscape photos are a type of photo that is as popular as human photos. Landscape photos are photos of the natural landscape consisting of elements of sky, land and water, while humans, animals and plants are only supporting elements in this photo. Natural expressions and weather are the main moments in assessing the success of making landscape photos.

Types of photos: Architectural photos

Wherever you go you will find buildings in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs. In this type of photo displays the beauty of a building both in terms of history, culture, design and construction. Photograph a building from various sides and find the value of its beauty to be very important in making this photo. This architectural photo is inseparable from the excitement of the world of architecture and civil engineering so that this type of photo becomes quite an important role.

Type of Photo Photo: Still Life Photos

Still life photos are creating an image of an object or inanimate object. Making drawings of inanimate objects into something interesting and looking “alive”, communicative, expressive and containing the message to be conveyed is the most important part in the creation of this photographic work. Still life photos are not just copying or moving objects into the film in a makeshift way, because if that’s the case, the name is documenting. This type of photo is a type of photo that is challenging in testing creativity, imagination, and technical ability.

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Types: Journalistic Photos

Journalistic photos are photographs used for press or information purposes. In delivering the message, there must be a caption (writing that explains the contents of the photo) as part of the presentation of this type of photo. This type of photo is often encountered in the mass media (newspapers, magazines, bulletins, etc.).


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